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Finding a passion

Orange Clouds
Robin Prout, the owner of Birdie's Clay

Meet Robin

I started doing ceramics in high school and loved it ever since. Doing 2 years there, then 2 semesters while in college, I got to learn about many different techniques and strategies on how to manipulate clay into something special. The pieces I make are a part of me. It was hard to continue my passion for pottery after college without easy access to supplies and materials, but with the support of my family I am able to continue my work. I want to continue to learn and grow in my pottery abilities.

I started Birdie's Clay in 2020. I want to share my work with others and keep on creating, and let's be honest, there's only so many things I can keep for myself until my house gets too cluttered. 

You can learn more information about my life by visiting out Blog page! You will get to see the creative process in the works and even cute animal pictures!

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