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Hit The Ground Running

Hello everyone! I have been pretty busy lately working on some big steps to get Birdie's Clay running on a bigger level. I have been working on moving my studio space and attending my first seller's event!

As of right now, this is my new studio set up that has been moved from a tiny area in the living room to the garage. I have a little more space to move around and a spot that I can use to start firing my own kiln. Before that is able to happen, I've run into some electrical issues, but hopefully that can be fixed soon! My wedging table is bigger and nice for hand-building and storing projects as well. I have a little bit of room to grow in here for more supplies as time goes on. This is much better for me and the family; we have our own spaces and I'm not crowding up the living room anymore! The only thing I'll miss about the living room is having the TV on for background noise as I work.

I have been working HARD to get ready for my first farmer's market. It was a journey learning about all of the requirements and legal steps needed to get to this point. Tons of paperwork and expenses were completed to be as prepared as I could be. There are still a few legal processes that have to be finished for everything to be finalized, but the end is in sight! I had a great time at the Murrieta Market Night on June 2nd and met some wonderful people. It was nice to be able to talk about my work with booth visitors and meet some other potters as well. If you live in the area, you can visit the "Events" tab on this website to see any upcoming places I will be selling at. I would like to branch out the to Temecula wineries and see about getting set up there during the weekends. All of the steps I took to make this happen are also helping me get closer to selling online as well. Eventually, I would like to sell here, but for now, knowing that there is a small number of people who come here, the plan is to start selling on Etsy first. Once that is up and running, I'll have a link to the Etsy shop on my website.

On top of all of Birdie's Clay projects, I have also been taking the time to become a Notary Public. This has been quite the process, but it is almost official. Since everything I've been working on has taken me a long time to complete, I haven't had the time to get my hands dirty with clay. During the rest of this month I plan on putting in a lot of studio time to get all the ideas stuck in my head turned into a reality. There's no resting when it comes to something I love doing!

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